Five-Year-Old Speaks 7 Languages And Scientists Say He Can Read Your Mind

Earlier this year, a neuroscientist named Dr. Powell, came across a video of a child demonstrating signs of telepathy. The video showed five-year old Ramses Sanguine who suffers from a ‘high functioning’ form of autism, reading his mother’s mind and correctly reciting the numbers she wrote down on a piece of paper. According to his mother, the video wasn’t staged and Ramses really does possess extraordinary abilities. She says that she knew he was going to be a very special child “who was going to change the world” from the moment he was conceived.

Photo: Nyx Sanguino/Facebook

Photo: Nyx Sanguino/Facebook

Dr Powell says that Ramses is not the first child she has come across who demonstrates signs of telepathy.

“I have found many autistic children who have been reported to be telepathic and I wanted to see it for myself and see if it can be evaluated and actually tested under rigorous, controlled conditions.”

Photo: Nyx Sanguino/Facebook

Photo: Nyx Sanguino/Facebook

After watching the video, Dr. Powell decided to study the child, putting her credibility as a neuroscientist on the line. Dr Powell also happens to be one of the few scientists that do believe in telepathy. She says:

“I am as confident that telepathy exists as I am a lot of things that have actually been accepted by science. I would never say 100 per cent about anything – but I have seen evidence.”

“In terms of other scientists, they don’t usually believe in telepathy.”

In the video with Dr. Powell,  Ramses is able to correctly recite 3 out of the 5 numbers that Dr. Powell has written. While the results aren’t conclusive, she is convinced by what she has seen in Ramses.

She also hails the boy as “one of the smartest five-year-olds” on the planet.


Ramses’ mother tried to put him through school but said that he was so far ahead of any other child that school couldn’t really teach him anything he didn’t already know.

“I taught him some of the languages but I have no idea how he learned parts of Hindi, Arabic or Hebrew by the time he was three. It may have been through the house computer that is often left on.”

“When he was 18 months old he knew all the multiplication tables in English and Spanish and had learned the periodic table and all the atomic numbers.”

Apart from his extraordinary telepathic abilities, Ramses can also solve rudimentary algebra problems, understands square roots and can draw the entire periodic table.

His mother really wants him to achieve greatness by helping the world. “I really hope one day that Ramses will invent a cure for cancer or something” said Ms Sanguino. “He is so smart that sometimes he scares me.”

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