15 Adult Rated Historical Facts You Didn’t Learn in School

1. Mozart’s Lesser Known Symphonies

Famous German composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed a canon entitled “Leck mic him Arsch” which literally translates to “Lick Me in the Ass”. This was just one of several adult rated pieces that he wrote.

2. Sabotaging Bowels

In WWII, the Nazis occupied a number of countries, including Norway. Norwegian resistance fighters got ahold of a Nazi shipment of sardines and flavored the cans with croton oil, a powerful laxative.

3. Royal Public Births

In some European kingdoms, queens were required to give birth in public. The reason for this was that the public had to be sure that the baby was the true heir to the throne and not an infant who was substituted.

4. Animal Torture

The inventor of the lightbulb, Thomas Edison, publicly electrocuted animals to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current. Edison was a proponent of direct current whereas his rival Nikola Tesla was a proponent of alternating current.

5. Orgy Prizes

Cesare Borgia, a cardinal under Pope Alexander VI, hosted an orgy for fifty prostitutes. At the end, prizes were distributed to the participants.

6. Catherine the Great in Bed

Catherine the Great had a servant who would identify potential sexual partners for the Russian ruler. Those selected would be examined for diseases, informed of Catherine’s bedroom preferences, and tested in bed by Catherine’s confidant. Rumor has it that she even accumulated portraits of her partners on her bedroom wall.

7. Worse Than Edison

The first juvenile sentenced to death in the territory of the future United States was Thomas Granger. In 1642, Thomas was accused of engaging in sexual acts with a mare, a cow, two goats, two calves, and a turkey. The victimized animals were killed in front of the convicted prisoner and then thrown into a pit before he was hanged.

8. Origin of the Heart Symbol

The Romans used a plant-based contraceptive called Silphium. The plant (which is now extinct) was shaped like a heart. Some historians believe that the modern heart symbol resulted from this plant and its association to love making.

9. Child Soldiers

During the Paraguayan War in South America, as much of 90% of the adult male population of Paraguay was killed. Since the Paraguayans lacked men to fight, they painted beards on the faces of boys as young as six-years-old and sent them to fight. Over 3,000 children were killed in battle. Every year, Paraguay celebrates Children’s Day in honor of the children that died.

10. Air Baths

Ben Franklin, prolific inventor and American founding father, preferred taking “air baths” instead of water baths. He would open the windows and sit naked in his chair while he bathed in the air. He even wrote a short essay about this practice.

11. Silent Pornography

The first motion picture screening was held on December 28, 1895. Less than a year later, the first pornographic film, Le Coucher de la Mariee, was released.

12. Richest Woman in the World

The richest woman in the world at one time was a prostitute. The Ancient Greek woman Phryne was revered for her “yellow skin” which made her highly popular among Greek men. This allowed her to accumulate great wealth.

13. Napoleon’s Manhood

Napoleon’s penis was allegedly cut off during his autopsy and given to a priest. In 1977, it was purchased by a private collector for $3,000USD who then stored it under his bed. Since then, at least one $100,000USD offer has been made to purchase the “relic”.

14. Extreme Measures

In the year 867AD, a group of religious nuns heard that a group of Viking Pirates was getting close to their monastery. The nuns cut off their noses and upper lips in order to make themselves less attractive and hopefully protect their chastity. The Vikings were so angry that they set fire to the building with the nuns inside.

15. Meet Your Possible Ancestor

The Mongol emperor Genghis Khan said that his greatest joy in life was to “to cut my enemies to pieces, drive them before me, seize their possessions, witness the tears of those who are dear to them and to embrace their wives and daughters”. As a result of his acts involving these wives and daughters, Genghis Khan’s descendants number in the millions.

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