14 Times Stoners Proved That They Are Masters of Innovation

Innovation never sleeps. These 14 contraptions might make you feel a little bit boring next time you light up your..er..tobacco.

1. The shoe stash

2. No more shattered glass

3. This is no ordinary flashlight

4. This definitely isn’t safe

5. Oddly satisfying

6. The ultimate hot box

7. Computer grow space

8. Wick dispenser

9. For easy passing

10. No need for a lighter. The sun shines in at 4:20.

11. Gravity hot box

12. This is what happens when you work at a pizza shop and have no piece

13. When you’re trying to impress a girl but spent all your money on a different type of buds

14. Recycling

On a side note, this may be one of the most American pictures ever taken.

We would say “don’t try these at home”, but we’re not your mom.

Featured image source: GoToVan via Flickr