15 Things You Must Stop Doing When You Turn 30

For those over 30, gone are the days when you could spend the entire day sitting at home, watching TV and doing absolutely nothing. The Big Three-O means you have to start acting more responsibly (which is something you were supposed to start doing when you hit your twenties, but we both know that didn’t happen). Yes, it sucks, but it’s gotta happen sooner rather than later. Let’s make sure you act your age by making better decisions.

Or, you could just keep doing the same things… because, you know, YOLO.


1. Asking Your Parents For Money

2. Dressing like a teenager

3. Throwing gang signs in pictures

4. Introducing yourself with your ‘street’ name

5. Pulling all-nighters

6. Doing laundry once a year

7. Eating Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner

8. Going out on a Sunday night

9. Drunk texting your ex

10. Sleeping away your weekends

11. Binging on TV shows

12. Procrastinating at work

13. Wearing the same underwear for multiple days

14. Having first dates at fast food joints

15. Partying with teenagers