14 Breathtaking Waterfalls That Will Make You Want to Travel in India

There is something majestic about water cascading down rocks and over cliffs. These fourteen waterfalls are among the most beautiful in India. Photos help you to appreciate the beauty of these falls, but you cannot get the full experience unless you visit the falls in person and hear the roar of the water. Who’s up for a waterfall road trip?

1. Dudhsagar Falls (Goa)

2. Chitrakote Falls (Chhattisgarh)

3. Gaganachukki Falls (Karnataka)

4. Jog Falls (Karnataka)

5. Mallalli Falls (Karnataka)

6. Anthirappilly Falls (Kerala)

7. Nohkalikai Falls (Meghalaya)

8. Hogenakkal Falls (Tamil Nadu)

9. Barehipani Falls (Odisha)

10. Thalaiyar Falls (Tamil Nadu)

11. Khandadhar Falls (Odisha)

12. Unchalli Falls (Karnataka)

13. Kiliyur Falls (Tamil Nadu)

14. Magod Falls (Karnataka)