8 Reasons Why Successful People Wake Up Before 6am

Famous inventor, writer, and statesman Benjamin Franklin once said “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Who wouldn’t want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise?

If health, wealth, and wisdom are not enough motivation for you, here are some more practical reasons why waking up early is the best way to start your day:

1. Time to Plan Your Day and Set Goals

Planning out the day and setting goals add needed structure to the days of high-achieving people. A study conducted by biologist Christoph Randler found that morning people were more proactive and were more likely to spend time setting goals. Goal-setting is important because it provides focus and allows you to measure the progress that you have made.

2. Time for Exercise

Everyone is aware of the benefits of exercise. Scheduling time for exercise in the morning allows you to get it over with, especially if you do not particularly enjoy it. Once you complete your exercise routine for the day, you will feel accomplished for the rest of the day. All day, you will be able to reap the benefits of exercise including more energy and a better mood.

3. Time to Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast will lead to better concentration, more strength, and a healthier weight. When you wake up early, you have enough time to eat a full breakfast instead of just grabbing a piece of fruit on your way out the door.

4. Time for Yourself

The quiet hours of the early morning are the best time to spend on something that you enjoy doing. For example, many early risers like to spend a bit of time reading. If you have a family, those morning hours may be the only time that you get to yourself.

5. Time for Meditation

Spending a few minutes meditating every morning will lead to a better mental state throughout the day, as well as stronger overall health. The list of meditation benefits are long, and individuals experience different benefits. If you are not already meditating in the morning, try it out. It will take some practice to get good at, but after you have put in the time, the benefits will be worth it.

6. Time to Read the News

A lot of events happen in the world while you are sleeping. Taking time to read the news every morning lets you know what kind of world you are living in today. Practically speaking, taking in the morning news will allow you to make more informed decisions at work. It will also allow you to know what you are talking about as you converse with co-workers or classmates.

7. Time to Watch the Sunrise

There is something majestic about watching the sunrise early in the morning. The air is cool. The streets are quiet. The world is still. It does not have to be every day, but when your morning schedule allows, take the time to watch the sunrise and know that it is going to be a great day.

8. Time to Beat Traffic

Leaving early for work will allow you to waste less time in traffic. Depending on the policies of your workplace, you may be able to leave earlier if you start working earlier. If not, you can always use the time before your workplace officially opens to read a book, surf the internet, or watch the news.

If you are already an early-riser, you are already on your way to success! If not, get out your phone right now and set your alarm for 5:30am. It will take some adjustment, but it will be worth it!