10 Signs You Have Perfected The Art Of Lying

Almost everyone you know, has lied at some point in their life. Being a liar is easy, however, being a GOOD liar is far from it. It requires skill and involves a fair amount of risk. With that being said, if you dedicate yourself to the art, one day, you too will be able to call yourself a professional liar (if that’s what your goal is). Meanwhile, here’s how you know that you have perfected the art of lying.

1. You maintain appropriate eye contact

We’re not talking too much or too little, just the right amount, to avoid any suspicion.

2. You occasionally get caught lying

You occasionally display your supposedly ‘weak’ lying skills to your victim’s, which makes them think that they know how to catch your lies. Very cruel, yet a strategically genius move, well played…

3. You keep your lies consistent

An amateur liar will have multiple variations of each lie, which, unless you have a good memory, won’t end well. A pro will always maintain a singular variation of a lie because it just makes life easier.

4. You get inside the head of your victim

You’re in there like swimwear and you know it.

5. Your confidence never wavers

Confidence is possibly the one characteristic that is prevalent in most accomplished liars. The majority of people are less likely to doubt someone who displays confidence. In most cases, it makes them trust and believe the person. As Stephen King once said, “The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool”.

6. Your lies are convincing

At times, you can turn into a pathological liar as you start to believe the lies that you are speaking. This, in turn, convinces your victims that your words are 100 percent authentic.

7. You stay Calm

Cool as a Cucumber: That’s exactly what you are like when you are about to layeth the smacketh down on your victims. Your calmness fools those peasants…

8. You’re good on your feet

You never know when people will call you out for lying, in which case, you’ll have to improvise.

9. You rarely get defensive

Displaying defensive characteristics is a telltale sign to your victim that you are lying. For this reason, you rarely get defensive. In fact, you’re more likely to be on the offense by putting the focus on your victim. True story.

10. You use the right amount of detail

Again, we’re talking the right amount. Since you’re a professional, you already know that giving too much or too little detail can expose your lies… but you already knew that, you professional liar, you.