10 People Who Will Make You Think Humanity Is Doomed

When performing dangerous tasks, confidence is key. However, what is more important than confidence in such situations is common sense- something we feel these individuals lacked when it really mattered.

1. There’s only one person to blame in this situation.

Car wash fail gif


2. Some people just don’t appreciate the gift of life.

escalator fail gif


3. At least she’s not giving up.

Escalator fail


4. This could have been worse.

unicycle fail gif


5. At least the car has four-wheel drive.

suv fail


6. If this doesn’t teach her not to jaywalk, nothing will.

street crossing fail


7.  The laws of Physics won’t change for you.

hurdle fail gif


8. Always check your surroundings.

experiment fail


9. Surely he wasn’t expecting any other outcome.

crap fail gif


10. Just because it looks easy in the movies.

stunt fail


Let their failures teach you that just because you think you can do something, that doesn’t mean you should.

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