20 Life Moments That Force You To Grow Up A Little Bit

Each one of us experiences life differently. These experiences mold us into the individuals that we end up becoming. They help us understand life and, most importantly, ourselves. These ‘moments of magic’ occur in all our lives at least once and end up changing us forever.

1. When you first start getting pocket money

2. When your crush rejects you

3. When your grades are suffering

4. When your younger sibling gets bullied at the playground

5. When you experience your first break up

6. When you get your first pet

7. When you move out of your parents’ house

8. When you have to do your own laundry

9. When you go grocery shopping for the first time

10. When you go to jail for the first time

11. When you wake up hung over

12. When you graduate from college

13. When you realize you have to pay rent

14. When your best friend gets married

15. When you realize your ex is happier without you

16. When you go to work for the first time

17. When you get married

18. When you have your first child

19. When you lose a loved one

20. When your children get married

How many of these moments have you experienced?