14 Totally Inappropriate Things You Do To Your Best Friend

One thing’s for sure: at some point, we’ve all been guilty of taking our best friends for granted. Here’s a list of some of the misery we put them through:

1. Get them into trouble for something you did.

2. Randomly show up at their apartment.

3. Wake them up in the middle of the night for no reason.

4. Tell them they’re getting fat.

5. “Borrow” items and never return them.

6. Steal their food.

7. Laugh at their problems.

8. Embarrass them in public.

9. Hide their stuff.

10. Put their lives in danger, for fun…

11. Prank them at any given opportunity.

12. Make them laugh when they’re having a serious conversation with someone.

13. Ignore them when they’re sharing their problems with you.

14. Leave them hanging.