He Thought He Was Going Bowling..What Actually Happened Is So Much Better

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? This is the question that was asked to Eric, an affable chef at a college cafeteria. Eric answered that he would like to be able to fly, though he is afraid of heights. He had never been on a plane in his life, but one of the students at his college decided to change that.

The college student, Jason, picked Eric up to go bowling. The destination, however, was not the bowling alley but the airport. Jason had arranged for a pilot to take Eric up in a small plane to fulfill his dream of flying.

Eric (on the left) was overjoyed by the surprise act of kindness.

Here is the full video showing this inspiring story:

This is what pure joy looks like:

Hopefully this has inspired you to go out and do something nice for someone today.

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