This Girl Witnessed The Terrifying Effect Of Locking Wild Animals In Zoos

“Silverback gorilla” is the name given to the male leader of a group of mountain gorillas. The name comes from the silver saddles on his back. Silverbacks are responsible for the safety of their group.

A young girl visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, USA witnessed this firsthand.

The girl watched the gorillas from behind 15cm glass.

Soon, the gorillas began to behave aggressively.

The aggressive behaviour escalated…

Make sure you watch until the end. The girl is lucky that the glass is 15cm thick.

Luckily, the girl and her family were able to laugh about the incident. A worker at the zoo stated that the gorilla house was evacuated and the gorillas were moved to another area so that the glass could be repaired. Apparently, this same thing happens three or four times every year. You better keep your guard up next time you visit a zoo!

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