This Is What Happens When Wasted People Try Drunk Food From Around The World

Buzzfeed decided to get a bunch of drunk people to try drunk food from around the world. This is what transpired.

Drinking Drunk Wasted


The guys gave their definition of drunk food.

american drunk food


First up, the Philippines: barbecued chicken intestines and fried quail eggs.

Phillippines food


Their reactions were, let’s just say, predictable.

Oh Hell No


Next up, Brazil.

Brazil food


Russia offered something different

Russia Food


And.. they hated it

Russian Food Fail


Last up, Doner Kebabs.

Doner Kebab food


Which they absolutely loved

Doner Kebab Buzzfeed


They finally realized that the internet was watching them while they were drunk out of their minds.



You can watch the entire video here:

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