46 Gifts For Nurses That They Will Absolutely Love

Gifts for nurses are some of the hardest to select. What do members of one of the hardest working professions want?

We spent hours scouring the web for the perfect gifts for nurses and organized them by price below.

Some of these gifts are more suited for female nurses, but there are plenty of options for male nurses as well.

All of these gifts are well-suited for any occasion such as birthdays, holidays, etc.

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Gifts for Nurses Under $15

Gifts for Nurses Between $15-$30

Gifts for Nurses Between $30-$50

Gifts for Nurses Between $50-$100

Gifts for Nurses Over $100

Gifts for Nurses Under $15

All of these great gifts are less than $15. Click the link next to the item to purchase the gift on Amazon.

1. Syringe Shot Pens (Get It)

For just $6, you get a dozen of these cute pens that look like syringes!

2. USB Desk Fan (Get It)

This will come in handy during those long hours at the nursing desk.

3. Himalayan Salt Crystal Tea Candle (Get It)

The ultimate candle for decompressing. Plus, it purifies the atmosphere to make the air fresher and healthier.

4. The Prescription Coffee Mug (Get It)

Now even caffeine comes in a pill bottle.

5. Sleep Mask and Earplugs (Get It)

A sleep mask and earplugs can be life changing for the average person. For a nurse who may have to work nights, they can be a complete game changer.

6. Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler (Get It)

This is sure to turn some heads at work!

7. Stuck Up! 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn’t Be Book (Get It)

This books hits so close to home for most nurses.

8. Skeleton Swimsuit (Get It)

For those anatomy geeks out there!

9. True Stories of Becoming a Nurse Book (Get It)

This collection of stories from real nurses is a compelling read for any nurse.

10. Grey’s Anatomy Pillow Case (Get It)

This is a gift sure to make any nurse swoon!

Gifts for Nurses Between $15 and $30

Click the link next to the item to purchase the gift on Amazon.

11. DNA Pendant (Get It)

A piece of jewelry with meaning!

12. Rx Cocktail Shaker (Get It)

This certainly comes in handy after a long shift.

13. Singing Teddy Bear in Scrubs (Get It)

This adorable 19″ plush nurse bear sings “I’ll Be There” when you press her paw.

14. Nurse Go Bag (Get It)

The first law of nursing is “Be Prepared”. Okay, that actually might be the Boy Scouts, but it never hurts to follow it. This nurse “go bag” can carry important equipment and supplies that need to be retrieved in a hurry.

15. Nurse Mason Jar Beverage Holder (Get It)

Keep it classy!

16. “Bath Bomb” Gift Set (Get It)

Pop one of these fizzing bath bombs into the tub and it will explode in a twirling ball of fizz that smells great and is moisturizing. This gift set includes six unique variations

17. Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Get It)

This is great for mornings when coffee is needed but time at home is short.

18. Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator (Get It)

Nurses that are around sneezing patients all day will get a kick out of this kitchen gadget. Crack an egg in the top and tilt it forward. Egg whites will ooze out of Mr. Sniffles’ nose. Yum!

19. Electric Wine Opener (Get It)

You might be sensing a pattern here with alcohol accessories. Nurses deserve a drink for all they do!

20. Keurig K-Cup Variety Pack (Get It)

For the coffee drinking Keurig owner, this K-Cup pack will add some variety to life.

Gifts for Nurses Between $30 and $50

Click the link next to the item to purchase the gift on Amazon.

21. Massage Pillow (Get It)

After a long day on their feet, nurses will get much use out of this gift.

22. Champagne Pop Candle (Get It)

This Jonathan Adler candle will warm the soul. It features a fizzy mix of pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne, raspberry, French cassis, violet leaves, rose petals, crushed sage, crisp mint and grape leaf.

23. Weather Alert Radio (Get It)

When a storm knocks out power, this radio can provide critical information for nurses who may need to get into work or help out elsewhere.

24. Vehicle Remote Start Kit (Get It)

Freezing cold commutes and having to warm the car up are the worst. This remote start kit will solve that problem.

25. Flowers (Get It)

Traditional, yes. Still appreciated? Of course.

26. High Quality Earbud Headphones (Get It)

Everyone who works in a busy environment needs a nice pair of earphones for when they need to tune out. That makes these a perfect gift for nurses.

27. Mermaid Tail Blanket (Get It)

The ultimate way to snuggle after a long day work. (Note that this is on MermaidBlanket.com, not Amazon.)


28. Winemaking from Fruit Kit (Get It)

This is a fun gift if your nurse giftee drinks wine.

29. Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock (Get It)

This is super useful at both home and work.

30. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker (Get It)

There won’t be any trouble getting up for early shifts with this sonic bomb clock and bed shaker.

Gifts for Nurses Between $50 and $100

Click the link next to the item to purchase the gift on Amazon.

31. World’s Greatest Nurse Gift Basket (Get It)

Flatter a nurse today!

32. Netflix Gift Card (Get It)

This is a gift that keeps on giving.

33. Kindle eReader (Get It)

Kindes are amazing. They fit inside a purse and can be easily whipped out for reading on break or anywhere else.

34. Polaroid Instant Film Camera (Get It)

The perfect way to capture moments with the nursing crew.

35. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser (Get It)

It looks like a little volcano!

36. Giant Teddy Bear (Get It)

Who doesn’t want one of these? After a hard day at the hospital, any nurse would love to snuggle with this guy.

37. Item Finder for Keys and Phone (Get It)

When you live a life as hectic as that of a nurse, you probably lose your keys sometimes. This will ensure it doesn’t happen.

38. Precious Moments Nurse Figurine (Get It)

Isn’t she adorable?

39. Memory Foam Pillow (Get It)

These are a life changer. Seriously.

40. Roku Streaming Media Player (Get It)

These will allow you to stream Netflix or any other streaming service right on the TV. It’s a great tool for unwinding.

Gifts for Nurses Above $100

Click the link next to the item to purchase the gift on Amazon.

41. Keurig Coffee Machine (Get It)

42. Fitbit Wireless Activity Wristband (Get It)

43. Grey’s Anatomy Ten Season Pack (Get It)

44. Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Get It)

45. Hue Lights Personal Lighting System (Get It)

46. Amazon Echo Personal Assistant (Get It)

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