What This Woman Did With Her Kinder Egg Toy Is Absolutely Beautiful

The toys that come in Kinder Eggs often end up being discarded or lost eventually. When Russian Reddit user aquamine received a tiger in her egg, she decided to get out her paints to see if she could make it better.

Here is the original tiger toy as it looked right out of the egg.

The first step was shaving the existing stripes with a dremel.

Here is the bare tiger — an empty canvas for an artist!

Acrylic paints were used to whiten the bottom and tan the back.

A flame was utilized to slightly burn some tone onto the tiger.

Then it was time to start carefully adding the details.

After five hours of work, this was the finished result:


Here is a before and after shot so you can see the improvement:


It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of time, an imagination, and some artistic abilities. Perhaps Ferrero, the makers of Kinder Eggs, should hire this artist to make their toys better!

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