What This 16-Year Old Girl Does With Fallen Leaves Is Truly Astonishing

What Joanna Wirazka, a self-taught artist from Poland is doing with fallen leaves will truly blow your mind. In her spare time, she collects fallen leaves from a nearby park and uses the leaves instead of paper or fabric to create works of art. When Joanna sees a dead leaf on the ground, she see a canvas on which she can create absolutely anything. The Polish artist’s work has also gained quite a following on social media.

Her art is not just pretty to look at, it also carries an environmental message.


“I wanted to say that we don’t need to cut threes to have paper for drawing and painting,”


“I think it’s important to raise people’s awareness about the really bad condition of our planet.”


Soon after she posted her first piece of leaf art on Instagram, an art blog picked it up and it ended up going viral.


This encouraged her to create more leaf art.

She now has over 40,000 followers on social media.

 She definitely has a bright future!

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