18 Animal Anarchists That Refused To Play By Your Stupid Rules

These mischievous creatures live by a total disregard for the rules. I bet you feel bad knowing that a kitten is edgier than you.

1. “I don’t conform to your silly signs, human”.

2. “Enjoy your duck prints, stupid person.”

3. “You can’t tell me where to sleep.”

4. Civil disobedience squid

5. This guy knows how to mock punishment.

6. Falcons perch where they please.

7. “I’m not going to play your dumb game.”

8. “This sign is unjust! Dogs have rights too!”

9. I walk the line..

10. “They can’t arrest us all!”

11. “You’re not the boss of me, peasant.”

12. Stripey calls himself whatever pattern he wants.

13. “I’ll fish where I want, fool.”

14. “Nice try, sign.”

15. “Don’t patronize me, idiot.”

16. “Society can’t tell me what to do.”

17. “Dobby is a free pup.”

18. “Your wheel is dumb. I make my own fun.”