Here’s What Will Happen To You If You Spend A Year In Space

Until a few years ago, the notion was that if you weren’t an astronaut, chances were you were never going to get to experience outer-space. While commercial travel to space is going to change that in the near future, a lot of people will want to reconsider their decision after finding out what their bodies will have to endure when they leave planet earth. Here’s what will happen to you if spend a year aboard the space station.

1. While the average person on earth only sees 684 sunrises and sunsets a year, you will experience close to 10,944.

2. In order to keep your heart, bones, and other muscles strong, you will have to exercise for over 700 hours during your year in space. That’s about 2 hours a day!

3. You will produce close to 200 pounds of feces, which will burn up in the atmosphere and appear like shooting stars.

4. The amount of radiation your body will be exposed to is equivalent to traveling from New York to Los Angeles approximately 5,250 times.

5. You will be drinking over 700 pounds of recycled urine and sweat over the course of the year.

6. Approximately 2 liters of fluid from your legs will shift toward your head.

Now that you know that ‘the space life’ isn’t for the faint-hearted, chances are you’re reconsidering your decision. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you still wanted to go just to be able to shoot some stars at your haters.

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