There Is Now a 5 Story Vending Machine For Cars And It Looks Pretty Epic

Depending on where you are in the world, you can find a lot of different small items and snacks being sold in vending machines. In Japan, you can find draft beer vending machines. Europe has pizza vending machines. These are nothing compared to the vending machine that just opened in the United States. The new vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee sells cars. These are not toy cars, but real full-size automobiles.

The 5-story vending machine is owned by a company called Carvana.

The process starts by picking out a car on the Carvana website.

Everything involved with buying a car can be handled on the site. This includes getting approved for a car loan, selecting a warranty, and signing the contract.

The customer then goes to the vending machine to pick up their car.

There is even an actual coin slot for the vending machine.

The customer receives a large “coin” to drop in the slot.

The coin is specially encoded just for that customer.

When the coin is dropped in the slot, a robotic arm fetched the car and brings it down to the ground level. Then, another robot drives the car to the vending area where the customer receives the car.

Here is what the inside of the machine looks like:

This video gives a quick look at how the machine works:

Unfortunately, as the video states, you can’t shake the machine and get a free car like you can with a coke or a snack vending machine.

Source: The Verge

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