This Prison Found A Way To Help Stray Dogs And Prisoners At The Same Time

A prison in the United States has found a great way to handle the problem of stray dogs. The prison in Atlanta, Georgia created a program called Canine Cellmates. The program pairs prisoners with stray dogs. The prisoners train the dogs so that they are able to be adopted.

The program lasts a total of eight weeks.

During the first week, the prisoners learn how to train the dogs.

The dogs arrive in the second week and the entire week is a bonding session between the prisoner and the dog.

This bonding helps to destress the dogs after their time in a rescue shelter.

The rest of the time is spent training the dogs. At the end, the prisoners are sad that their new friends have to leave. However, they take satisfaction in knowing that they helped create a better life for the dog.

Here is the video about the program:

The program is great for both the dogs and the prisoners. The dogs get trained so that they can be adopted and the prisoners enjoy the experience. Perhaps programs like this can be implemented elsewhere to help more dogs and people.

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