18 Old Photos That Will Convince You That the Past Was One Big Nightmare

The past was a strange time. These photos will make you think the world used to be one big nightmare. Good luck sleeping tonight!

1. Cuddles by the fire

2. Hopefully these are the kid’s parents..

3. “Anybody want to play a game?”

4. “We’d like to play the game.”

5. What message is this advertisement trying to send?

6. The look on this kid’s face says it all.

7. “Uh, there seem to be some people blocking the road ahead…”

8. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

9. Come to papa..

10. These children do not look amused.

11. Let’s go terrify the sick kids!

12. They’re coming for you..

13. This guy looks pretty friendly.

14. You couldn’t even trust the Disney characters.

15. This man used to be the Vice President of the United States.

16. Imagine them all running at you on stage..

17. There are no words for this.

18. Come play with us…