10 Times Real Life Superheroes Made Thieves Instantly Regret Their Decisions

It is a sad reality that some people are not satisfied with what they have and resort to stealing from others. Sometimes, real-life superheroes are there to save the day. On even rarer occasions, a camera is filming the superhero in action. Here are ten of those occasions.

Warning: Some of these videos contain images of violence that may be disturbing to some viewers.

1. This police officer deserves a medal for his diving tackle.

Seriously, what an MVP!

2. At first he tried to play it off like it was a joke.

You might want to turn your sound down a bit before pressing play.

3. Jewelry store robbery foiled by customers.

The owner better have given this hero some free gold!

4. Bicycle thief caught in the act

This thief probably should have pedaled a little faster.

5. Storage unit thieves busted

The thieves inside must have been so confused until they stuck their heads out!

6. Kidnapper and motorcycle thief stopped in his tracks

That’s going to hurt in the morning!

7. If you try to carjack someone on a highway, you’re going to have a bad time.

Seriously, like what were they thinking?

8. Looting doesn’t pay.

What a polite way to handle this!

9. These robbers picked the wrong target.

Mute your computer unless you are a fan of heavy metal music.

10. This is the worst of them all. How could they!

(This isn’t actually the worst one and is included for comedic relief.)

Featured image source: reallifesuperheroes.com